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3rd Degree Black Belt

2012 US Olympic Judo Manager and Coach

Christopher Skelley started his martial arts training in June of 1976 where he was introduced to Judo. Chris’s parents wanted him to practice a martial art because of his small stature and thought he should practice it for self-defense. Once convinced Judo was the sport and martial art of his choice, he joined Fort Lee Judo Center with the Head instructor Bill Camal Chris continued to study under Bill Camal until 1982, when Fort Lee Judo Center lost their lease, hence closing the dojo. Chris continued to travel around New York and New Jersey to train.
In 1986 Chris took a break from judo to pursue his education, in 1988 we graduated college with a BS from William Paterson University and started a career in Manhattan working. In 1996 Chris decided to become an entrepreneur and start his own dry cleaning business got married and started a family.
It wasn’t until his son Dylan was turning 5 years old and Chris and his wife Amy thought if would be good to enroll Dylan in a martial art. This was an easy question to answer, which martial art? JUDO. With that Chris went back to Camal Judo in West Paterson NJ under the head instructor Anthony Camal son of Bill Camal, Chris continued to train and instruct judo at Camal’s since 2001. He then enrolled his daughter Taylor and it was a family affair.
As time passed Chris was a coach for USA Judo at the junior level, traveling around the world with Team USA. In 2004 he joined the USA staff with head coach Jimmy Pedro and started the U-23 Program. With great success their goal and mission was to produce a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics. Mission accomplished Kayla Harrison first ever gold medal in judo 2012 Olympic Games.
During his existence as an instructor and coach, Chris has had the honor and pleasure of teaching Judo to a number of children and adults with great success in competition. This experience includes Camal Judo students and USA athletes competing at the local, regional, national, and international level Judo tournaments with plenty of trips to the medal stand. This also includes himself as he continues to work on his own Judo. As of 2006 Chris Skelley earned a Bronze Medal in the Masters World Championships held in Canada Chris now has decided to open Skelley Judo to continue passing on the art and sport of judo that he has learned from the Camal Family.